Declutter Your Home with AirTable

February 25, 2019


Being the start of a new year and the Marie Kondo phenomenom makes a good excuse for decluttering and re-organizing your home. The goal here is to stick some barcodes on your storage boxes, pack up those boxes and take a picture of what’s inside, and finally scan the barcode into AirTable and store that box in a closet, garage or anywhere out of sight!


Step 1

I recommend you print out my 15 starter barcodes but I also have links to help you generate custom barcodes or write code to generate your own barcodes. Once you print out these barcodes, cut and stick them on your boxes. step1

Step 2

Pack and organize your stuff inside the boxes, you can take a group picture of the items or individual items. step2

Step 3

Open the AirTable mobile app and create a new barcode field and be sure to select the barcode field type. step3

Step 4

Now in the AirTable mobile app begin entering the info for the contents in the box and scan in the barcode! step4


Now when you want to take a peek and see what’s inside your storage box, just click the search field in the AirTable mobile app and scan in the barcode to see the picture(s) assigned to that box.